What is a KARICAR platform?

Kariar is a comparator that obtains negotiated prices from several local rental companies in order to offer you the best price and you a great choice.

- A national network

By making agreements with multiple car rental companies in a single country, KariCar ensures a wide choice of vehicles and maximizes availability. The company works primarily with car rental companies that have that have given satisfaction on previous collaborations, thus building a kind of quality label.

  1. 1- Where do you want to pick up and return the vehicle?
  2. On the homepage of our site choose the city in which you want to rent your car. Then indicate the date and time. Do the same for the city of arrival (city of return of the vehicle). Click on ok to get the results.
    Si le lieu de prise en charge est différent du lieu de restitution du véhicule, des frais d’aller simple (appelés aussi frais de one-way ou frais d’abandon) pourront être facturés par le loueur. See section : Additional costs.

  3. 2- Choose the vehicle and the desired price
  4. You can choose your vehicle according to the price but also to the number of seats, doors, type of gearbox (automatic or manual), boot size and with or without air conditioning. The "price details" allows you to see what the price includes or what it does not include. We guarantee the reservation of a category of vehicle and not of a specific model.

  5. 3- Book
  6. • Check the accuracy of your data (places and dates)
    • Choose the address if applicable (some destinations offer different agency addresses)
    • Indicate your flight number (if you have chosen an agency in a airport)
    • Choose your options (baby seat, GPS, etc.)
    • Fill in the driver information
    • Enter your credit card details in the secure space
    • Validate!

• A package per number of days (24-hour segments) in mileage unlimited or limited (number specified in the "price details" tab then on your rental voucher)
• Compulsory insurance: third party and civil liability
• Complementary insurance: accident (“Collision Damage Waiver or CDW”) and theft (“Theft Protection or TP”) with deductibles
• Any modification of the reservation (no administration fees for modifications made before taking over the vehicle)

If the return address is different from the pick-up address, costs may be charged by the lessor. These fees are called fees abandonment fees, one-way fees or even one-way fees. The amount of One-way costs will be communicated to you during the booking process:

• Either in the “Agencies” box next to the “information” symbol (page reservation).
• Either by a Karicar agent who will contact you (by email or by telephone).

This amount will be communicated to you as an indication excluding taxes, the renters may modify it without notice. NB: The applicable VAT is that of the country rent. This amount will also be indicated on the rental contract of the renter.

As a general rule, car rental is only possible if you have over 21 years old. The minimum age required depends on the country of destination and the vehicle category (A, B, C, etc.). Often a "young" supplement driver" is requested by our rental partners for those under 25 years. The "Description of the price" allows you to know the restrictions related to the destination and the vehicle you choose. In some countries like Ireland for example, a minimum age of 25 is required.

In general, rental companies require a minimum of one year of driver's license. This depends on the category and the country of destination. You will find this information in the description of the tariff, section "Information Important”.

Drivers under the age of 25 may have to pay a youth fee driver directly with the rental company. You will find this information in the description of the rate, section “Important Information”.

The car rental companies guarantee categories of vehicles (Mini, Economic, Compact…) and not a specific model (Clio, Twingo…). One example is always presented with precision "or similar"

• Mini (often called category A): small 3-door city car with a small trunk, Renault Twingo or C1 type
• Economy (often called category B): small car versatile Citroën C3 type
• Compact (often referred to as category C): medium-sized vehicle type Peugeot 307, Renault Megane
• Family: Peugeot 508-type saloon
• Luxury: luxury car type BMW, MERCEDES
• Small MPV: Renault Kangoo type vehicle
• Compact MPV: 5-seater vehicle such as the Citroën C4 Picasso
• Large minivan: 7-seater Renault Espace type vehicle,
• Minibus: Renault Traffic-type 9-seater vehicle

We invite you to consult the car correspondence table. This last was created for information only to help you visualize the type car size and the approximate trunk size of the vehicle category which you choose.

The Car Match Table can let you view the category that best suits you. Identify a vehicle you know and that meets your needs; then watch the cars equivalent in its category. Refer to vehicle list available in your destination city and choose the car corresponding to the category you have chosen

CDW and TP insurance (and LIS in most cases, see good rental).

CWD (Collision Damage Waiver): This insurance covers the vehicle in case of damage, responsible or not. This insurance is included in our rates with or without excess depending on the lessor. The deductible applies from that a loss is observed, whether the tenant is at fault or not.
• TP (Theft Protection) This is vehicle theft insurance. the amount of the applicable deductible will be specified to you upon recovery of the car.

Warning: TP insurance does not cover the theft of objects inside the vehicle.

• LIS (Liability Insurance Supplement) This insurance covers only the driver if he injures a person or breaks equipment. Its ceiling will be specified in your rental contract of the lessor and fixed in depending on the law in force in the country where the rental takes place.

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